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LGBT Awareness in Sport Film

We are proud to present our LGBT Awareness in Sport Film

After working with Iris Outreach we are proud to present our LGBT Awareness in Sport Film. We believe that the powerful messages in this film has can change lives, save lives and make a difference in sport.

“They say a picture tells a thousand words, but this film says so much more than that,” says Ali Mahoney, Film Project lead for LGB&T Sport Cymru.

“By capturing the lived experiences of four LGBT sports people from Wales, we wanted to show the LGBT community that sport is a place where they can be safe, welcome and thrive at something they love to do. We also wanted to challenge stereotypes and reduce the stigma around LGBT participation in sport. There’s still a long way to go but this film is a fantastic stepping-stone for positive change.”

Beth Fisher, LGB&T Sport Cymru Ambassador, who featured in the film comments “I truly believe this film could save lives. There are many statistics that show how important sport and physical activity is for mental well being. I hope every school and club in Wales shows this film as no one should feel excluded from sport because they are LGB&T”

We are very proud of our film and we really hope that schools, clubs, businesses and sporting organisations use it as a tool for change.

Thank you to Rhondda Ladies, Cardiff and Met Hockey Club, Cardiff Dragons, John Bladen, Jason Bragg, Hannah Winterbourne and Beth Fisher who featured in the film.

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